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Heckmann is looking forward to a strategic partnership with Pulse Combustion

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JUNE 2020

A full order book – A plant engineering company from Hoppegarten is hiring
instead of short-time working.

There were clear company guidelines for dealing with each other and shifts were staggered. Instead of short-time work, the Management in Hoppegarten have increased their staff numbers, due to the good order situation, which will fill the books for several months to come.

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Topping out ceremony in the underground | Video | ARD media library

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APRIL 2019

What will become of the ailing Yorck bridges?

There are some buildings in the city where things are not going well.
At which citizens have to check again and again, so that something happens.

These buildings include the Yorckbrücken. The listed railway overpasses
over Yorckstraße have been crumbling for many years.
Something is finally happening.

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MARCH 2018

Heckmann builds bridges for Berlin. For the first time dual study of civil engineering.

Managing Director Jens Feitag talks in an interview about the medium-sized metal construction company Heckmann GmbH, the Hoppegarten branch, current projects and career opportunities.

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JULY 2017


Katharina Lengert, project manager at Heckmann Bremen, reports on her career at the 2017 closing ceremony of the CSB-ME in Bielefeld.

Motivation and enjoyment of learning as success factors

Katharina Lengert, herself a graduate of the vocational school about 10 years ago, could report in her keynote speech on this courage, which is always needed in a professional career. The trained technical draughtswoman is now employed as a project manager with Heckmann Metall- und Maschinenbau GmbH in Bremen. In order to reach this position, she had to work hard again and again to reach “every step further”. She had encountered a number of obstacles in her professional career, which had to be overcome. In her remarks, she also appealed to the courage and humanity needed to achieve the next higher goals.


JUNE 2017

For correct payroll accounting in every respect, we train a certified payroll accountant with ESF funds.

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JUNE 2017


“The adventure of the world of work” – integration instead of exclusion

“The adventure of the world of work” is the name of the IsA project (ESF programme: Iintegration instead of Exclusion). It should give the participants courage for a true “adventure” – the step into a regulated professional life. A young man from Eisenhüttenstadt succeeded in taking this step. At the beginning of the project, still disoriented and without a school-leaving certificate, he now enters the second year of vocational training in the metalworking sector directly through a previous entry qualification (EQ). He has been placed by a committed company in the region in order to employ him as a future specialist in the company.

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JULY 2016

Who has ever built a spire?

We did it!

In 2015, the Berlin / Hoppegarten branch was awarded the contract for the steel construction and assembly work for the restoration of the church tower of the Parochialkirche in Berlin’s Mitte district.

After a long preparation phase in which the woodworkers and plumbers also completed their work on the steel substructure, the reconstruction of the church tower of the so-called “Spielkirche” began on 27 June 2016. The equipment now also includes a carillon of 52 bells, which can be played again in the future. The work was successfully completed on 30 June and the steeple was set at a height of 64 metres

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You can watch our current image film on YouTube.

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MARCH 2016


VI-AN becomes part of the Heckmann Group www.vi-an.com

Based on vibration technology, VI-AN develops process engineering solutions for all types of bulk and general cargo. In addition to mechanical engineering, also complete plants are built with all associated components, units, controls and steel structures.




Joint work on large projects. Companies from Eisenhüttenstadt are working together again and again to realise large orders.

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Asylum seekers as employees. The acting Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke hands over the apprenticeship contracts. If qualified, Heckmann Stahl- und Metallbau Ost GmbH in Eisenhüttenstadt employs or trains refugees.

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Metal workers court young talents

Eisenhüttenstadt. Heckmann Stahl- und Metallbau Ost GmbH opened its doors to interested parties on the fourth Day of the Trade.

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The Heckmann Group welcomes Heckmann Dienstleistungs- GmbH & Co.KG as a new member of the Group.

Founded at the beginning of the year, the company expands the group’s portfolio to include personnel services, building services and occupational safety. With its headquarters in Bremen and a branch in Wolgast, orders can be realised throughout northern Germany. Experienced dispatchers as well as 2 building cleaning foremen are available to customers and interested parties as contact persons. The new member of the Heckmann Group also stands by the motto “Innovation and Quality”.

For more information please visit the website of Heckmann Dienstleistungs- GmbH & Co.KG: www.heckmann-dl.de



APRIL 2013


Students lead Heckmann Stahl at this year’s Future Day for girls and boys.

Eisenhüttenstadt. Eight companies took part on Thursday in Eisenhüttenstadt in the first Future Day for girls and boys. At Heckmann Stahl GmbH, elementary school students took over the entire business operations.

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JULY 2013


Masses weighing several tons are moved here.

From Hülsen to the world: Heckmann supplies Europe, Asia and North America

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JUNE 2012


Environmental seal for Heckmann – The mid-sized company in Eisenhüttenstadt is obviously blessed with fortune this week.

Unitechnik has been awarded for its flight baggage loading, and Heckmann Stahl- und Metallbau Ost GmbH can also boast very good news. Since Tuesday evening, the company has been in the final spurt of the competition for the “2012 Grand Prix for Medium-Sized Businesses” by reaching the so-called jury list.

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APRIL 2012


A strong team. Heckmann Engineering und Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG and Heckmann Stahl- und Metallbau Ost GmbH

The long reconstruction and extension measures in the past months were finally completed with a ceremony on Friday, 20 April 2012. The entrepreneurs Heinz and Henning Heckmann invited many guests to the opening of Heckmann Engineering und Anlagenbau GmbH & Co KG and to the inauguration of the new halls of Heckmann Stahl- und Metallbau Ost GmbH.

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