Benefit from almost unlimited possibilities in surface treatment. You get whatever is technically possible:

  • Wet painting
  • Blasting with steel corundum for structural steels
  • Electropolishing
  • Glass bead blasting for stainless steels
  • Annealing

are only a part of our range of services in our own house.

Pickling is our absolute speciality – also as contract manufacturing. By pickling we remove possible impurities such as scale residues or annealing colours. The result: a metallically pure surface on which a corrosion-protective passive layer can form.

We pickle your stainless steel products up to the following object sizes:

  • Spray pickling: diameter up to 6 m, length up to 20 m
  • Bath pickling: diameter up to 2.5 m, length up to 7 m
  • Polish pickling: diameter up to 2 m, length up to 3 m

Filling height = 1.3 m, filling volume = 7,800 l

Further information can be found directly on the website

Other surface treatments such as zinc plating, nickel plating, powder coating and chromating are carried out together with our partners.

Innovation and quality – for your benefit!